Monday, November 28, 2016

Facing Racism as It is

A client at work said twice that I am Indian. I told her I am not. She said again that I have an Indian accent and that she cannot 'connect' with people with accents like me. I told her that her remark is racist and that it is offensive.

I told her that people in other countries might also have difficulties understanding her, especially when she could not be bothered to learn any other language.

I 'have an accent' because I have travelled around the world and managed to learn a number of different languages. But fyi, there are over 6 billions people in the world and there are over 6 billion accents. Of course an ignorant little piece of sh*t like this person don't have the brain to comprehend this. (This client refuses to talk to male, changed a worker because "she's too old", and say that all services she use are "useless" and "sh*t") 

If someone being racist, tell them that they are. This is the only way we can stop this bigotry. We are all part of one human race. 

Stop racism!

This is my son, me and my husbandWe are part of one human race!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cornerstone Big Sleep Out - raising money for winter homeless shelter

Last night #CSBigsleepout was successful. About 130 people slept outside St Christopher's Church, 

By 2am, we had some frost on our sleeping bag but we survived. Thanks God we can go to a warm home after! 

Over 100 people in Manchester have to sleep in the same frosty and wet sleeping bag on the street for nights after nights after nights. As Bishop John Arnold of Salford and Manchester Diocese said, "This is injustice in our society that we have to fight!" This is why we need to help them with winter shelters.

Please continue to donate to Cornerstone Big Sleep Out

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Reflection on Growing Old

Book review on Henning Mankell's "The Troubled Man: A Kurt Wallander Mystery" 

Henning Mankell's last book about detective Kurt Wallander makes one think about life, choices of career, family and the complicated relationship with one's parents. It's nice to read and think about one's grown up child, it's sad to read about the unresolved relationship with one's parents, but it's comforting to think about how human our problems are.

The old age Wallander helps one to accept that not all questions have answers.

Highly recommended, but only after reading all other Wallander's stories.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tory's Christmas Recipe to Eradicate Poverty

Today The Guardian published their view on measuring poverty. "The UK government is redefining who counts as poor, which is easier than fixing a problem that is especially stark at this time of year." (

Now this is the tory's best solution to eradicate poverty: redifine poverty! Happily ever after for the twats in power.... 

My message to all Economic and social-politics students: never forget that the Conservative changed the definition of child poverty instead of addressing and tackling it in a humane way...! Never ever forget this fact!

The next step is that they manipulate the media. It's called agenda setting for those studying communication/PR, by the way. Then shift the focus to unemployment, making it looks like being poor = being lazy. 

Next step, cut university grants so that the poor have no chance to get higher education and no chance to get a better paying job. And of course eventually, they will cut tax credit so those on minimum wage can not feed their children without working 100hours a week (like those sweat shops in Bangladesh / Vietnam / India / Tangerang Indonesia).

After all these steps, leave everything simmer for a few years. By 2020 when Labour gets back to power, there will be no poor people left in the UK. Why? because they all will be dead. Genocided. Eradicated by their own government. 

And that, my dear young friends in universities, is the tory christmas recipe to eradicate poverty. There is another name for it that no one likes to mention anymore: neo-liberalism. Or your friends in Theology might simply call it: evil. Bah humbag!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Geese are NOT a problem, human IS

Today I received an electronic newsletter from the citizen forum where I live. Among other things, there is a survey on "are geese a problem?". Apparently someone moan on the last resident meetings about (Canada) geese population and  how their droppings are making a mess on the footpath. 

I immediately did the survey and put forward my opinion that is: "No, geese are not problems, human and their greed ARE the problem on Earth. Leave the geese alone, share this planet with others and stop moaning!"

Here is another example of our destructive way of living. We already evicted millions of wild animals into the brink of extinction. A few geese in the city is a blessing! 

So I had to reply to all mailing list recipient, and below is my reply...

Dear all,

I hope we will not waste the council's time and resources on geese. They are what's left of nature in city centre, and killing them is not only a big sin but also a waste of time, money, energy. We human and our greed ARE the biggest problem on Earth. It has been us modern human who are polluting and destroying the planet and our own environment, not geese, not fox, not badger, not rat, not slugs and God knows what else we're going to blame.

If geese droppings are on our footpath, walk more careful. Human have been dropping chewing gums much more than geese having a poo on our way.

If there is anything we need to review and seriously look at is our consumeristic behaviour. How much food we waste every day? Can we buy less and share more with those in needs? Can we be more positive and compassionate - share what we have with those in needs, live alongside and appreciate nature, and be less selfish? 

Less selfish, share more, appreciate nature, DO NOT KILL.... That should be our Christmas and New Year resolution. We see enough blood and misery, we don't need to slaughter geese just to be more comfortable in our own way of destroying this planet.

Peace be with you all...

Adeline Cooke
Castlefield resident